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Legend Plates and Phenolic Labels

22mm Legend Plates

22mm legend plate

These high quality legend plates will fit standard 22mm selectors, push buttons and indicators. Several styles to choose from and a spacing & fitment guide are here. Click for more information on our 22mm legend plates.

30mm Legend Plates

30mm legend plate

Our 30mm legend plates will fit standard 30mm operators. More common in the US market, these are often provided by manufacturers such as Allen Bradley and Square D. We have several styles to fit your panel layout. Click here to see our selection of 30mm legend plates

Rectangular Legend Plates

rectangular legend plate

Engraved labels and tags are used almost everywhere in the modern manufacturing facility. Available for online ordering in a variety of colors. Sizes range from 1/4" x 1" to 2"x 10". Any size can be made - so ask if you have special needs. Click here to learn more about our Rectangular Legend Plates.

Emergency Stop Legend Plates


We have the universally accepted round emergency stop legend plates ready for shipment. Available in 22mm, 30mm, English, Spanish and French. Click here to see all Emergency Stop Legend Plates

Carolina Laser, Inc. is your online resource for electrical panel legend plates and engraved lamacoid labels. Our experience in Engineering and Manufacturing sets our standards of accuracy, speed and repeatability. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Click Here to Request a Quote or shop catalog items.

  • Control Panel Legend Plates
  • Custom Engraved with Your Text
  • Instrument and HMI Overlays, Nameplates
  • 30mm and 22mm Standard Sizes
  • Competitive Prices - Quantity Discounts
  • 0.060" thick engraved plastic Lamacoid
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Short Lead Time
  • Plastic Plates only - no Metals
  • Made in USA

Engraving Materials

We stock top quality, US Made Engraving Materials. Sometimes referred to as a lamacoid or phenolic, this layered plastic is durable and looks great. It is not a true Phenol resin, rather a more modern modified acrylic polymer that is easier to work with and lasts longer. Indoor / Outdoor two sided tape is included at no extra charge.

lamacoid engraving materials

How are they made

Lamacoid labels and tags are made from layered engravable plastic. The top layer, or cap, is removed to expose the inner layer, or core.

Material engraving may be accomplished with traditional rotary tools or with more modern CO2 lasers. The laser engraved lamacoid labels will usually look nicer. They have better definition and clarity than those made with rotary tools. Lasers are significantly faster as well, helping to control costs and speed delivery time. All of our engraved phenolic labels are made using a modern, USA made CO2 laser.

Typical Uses

Lamacoid labels are often used to label or tag electrical and mechanical systems in the modern manufacturing facility. Applications include:

  • Electrical switches, buttons and indicator lamps
  • Field devices like limit switches, proximity switches and sensors
  • Electrical junction boxes, motor control centers and disconnects.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Storage racks, containers and bins
  • Safety and warning signs
  • Many, many others!

Why are they used?

Engraved Plastic Tags are often chosen for these applications because:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High contrast, easy to read
  • UV resistance
  • Cost effective
  • Many available colors
  • Easily customized

How to Order

Order online using our modern, secure website. Most of our items can be customized with your text and color choice. You can see your order in real time - no waiting for proofs!

Click here for detailed Ordering Instructions.

We accept all major credit cards. Shipping options include US Mail or UPS. We can ship prepaid or using your UPS account.

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