Custom Engraved Legend Plates

Carolina Laser, Inc. is your online source for engraved legend plates. Our experience in Engineering and Manufacturing makes the difference. Don't trust your project's success to a trophy shop! We serve thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Order online using our fast and easy online ordering system. For custom items Click Here to Request a Quote

  • Control Panel Tags and Labels
  • Custom Engraved with Your Text
  • Instrument and HMI Overlays, Nameplates
  • 30mm and 22mm Standard Sizes
  • Competitive Prices - Quantity Discounts
  • 0.060" thick engraved plastic
  • Also referred to as Lamacoid, Norplex or Phenolic Labels
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Short Lead Time

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22mm Legend Plates

22mm legend plate

Order custom engraved 22mm legend plates online! These fit standard 22mm selectors, push buttons and indicator lamps. Select colors and enter text using our secure website. Click for information on our 22mm legend plates.

30mm Legend Plates

30mm legend plate

Our 30mm legend plates will fit standard 30mm operators. We have several styles to fit your panel layout. We include peel and stick adhesive. Click here to see our selection of 30mm legend plates

Engraved Labels

engraved phenolic label

You have found the easiest way to order engraved plastic tags and labels. Select colors and enter text using our secure website. Stock sizes range from 1/4" x 3/4" to 4"x 12". Custom sizes are available by quote. Click here to see our Engraved Labels.

Emergency Stop Legend Plates

emergency stop legend plate

Emergency Stop Legend Plates are in stock. Available in 22mm or 30mm sizes. Languages include English, Spanish and French. Click to see all Emergency Stop Legend Plates

lamacoid engraving materials

Engraving Materials

We use top quality Engraving Sheet Stock to create our products. This is a durable, layered plastic sheet made from Acrylic. It is a modern alternative to Lamicoids or Phenolic. We indclude two sided tape.


Phenolic, Norplex, Micarta, Lamicoid or Lamacoid? Often customers ask for these materials. Most jobs are better suited to use plastic engraving stock.

  • Lamicoid or Lamacoid: A generic term that refers to a layered plastic material.
  • Phenolic: A layered material made with paper or fiber and resin. It is ridgid, brittle and has sharp edges. Indoor use only. Used in specific military and heavy industry applications. This term is often misused. If your RFQ calls for Phenolic, we may ask you to clarify.
  • Norplex, Micarta: Brand names for the above.
  • Acrylic Based Engraving Stock: The right choice for most applications. Flexible and easy to laser or machine. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Cost effective. Widely used in commercial and industrial facilities. Available from a variety of vendors in many colors.

How are they made

We provide custom engraved plastic labels. The plastic has two layers in different colors. The laser removes the top layer to expose the inner layer. The resulting product is durable and legible.

USA made CO2 lasers engrave our labels. Beware some trophy shops using older rotary tools. Our laser engraved labels look better. The faster engraving speed of the laser helps control costs and shorten lead time.

Typical Uses

  • Electrical switches, buttons and indicator lamps.
  • Field devices like limit switches, proximity switches and sensors.
  • Electrical junction boxes, motor control centers and disconnects.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Storage racks, containers and bins.
  • Safety and warning signs.
  • Many, many others!

Why are they used?

Choose Engraved Labels for these reasons:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High contrast, easy to read
  • UV resistance
  • Cost effective
  • Many available colors
  • Easy to customize

How to Order

Order online using our modern, secure website. You can customize most items with your text and color combination. You can see your order in real time - no waiting for proofs!

Click here for detailed Ordering Instructions.

We accept all major credit cards. Shipping options are US Mail or UPS. We can ship prepaid or using your UPS account.

What is a Legend Plate?

A legend plate is a piece of plastic (plate) with engraved text (the legend). The engraved text provides greater wear resistance. They are used in industrial areas where printed labels may not last. Legend Plates are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Easy to customize with your choice of text. A peel and stick backing makes them easy to install.

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