Engraved Phenolic Labels and Phenolic Tags

Save money and time by using a modern Acrylic-Based Engraving Stock instead of phenolic. Our Acrylic Engraving Stock is durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The vast majority of "Phenolic Labels" in the field are actually made from an Acrylic Based Plastic Engraving Stock, such as Rowmark.

  • Typcially 1/16" thick
  • Front engraved with Your Text
  • 3M Peel and Stick Adhesive Applied
  • Fast lead time, great price

This two-layer engraving stock is engraved on one side. The top layer is removed to show the inner layer.

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30mm phenolic legend plate rectangular phenolic label 30mm e-stop phenolic legend plate 30mm phenolic legend plates Engraved phenolic signs 22mm phenolic legend plate

The term Phenolic is often used to refer to any layered plastic. Actually, phenolic is a very specific, resin-based material. It is no longer widely used for signage in General Manufacturing. Modern acrylic based plastics have taken over that market. Almost always, if a specification calls out Phenolic they are really needing Plastic. Consult your Engineer or contact us if you are not sure.

True Phenolic is still used in some very specific applications. See our chart below.

Comparison of Acrylic and Phenolic Labels

Standard Plastic Textured Plastic Phenolic
UV stable for Outdoor Use
Online Ordering
Detailed Engraving
Stock Colors 13 6 4
Temperature range Good Better Best
Near Zero Electrical Conductivity
Chemical Resistance
Wear ResistanceGood Best Good
FlexibilityFlexible Somewhat Flexible Very Rigid
Edges Square Square Beveled
Engraving Method Laser Laser Rotary Tool
Mounting Method Peel and Stick or Fasteners Peel and Stick or Fasteners Fasteners
Lead Time Usually 1-2 days Usually 1-2 days 2-4 weeks minimum

Acrylic vs Phenolic

Choose Acrylic Plastic

Over 99% of the items we ship use acrylic plastic engraving stock. Perfect for:

  • General Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • OEM Applications
  • Marine and RV
  • Many, Many More!
acrylic plastic labels
engraving of a phenolic label

Choose Phenolic

  • Very High Temperatures
  • Extreme Chemical Resistance
  • Near Zero Electrical Conductivity
  • Mil Spec
  • Indoor Use Only