Custom legend plates are available. These range from small, 22mm or 30mm legends up to large overlays for OEM applications. The maximum size is 24"x18". These may be provided in any language.

Drawing Custom Legend Plates

Custom Legend Plates are made from your drawings. Acceptable file formats include *.dwg, *.dxf, *.ai and *.pdf. AutoCad format (*.dwg) is preferred.


Only Issue for Fabrication drawings should be sent (no assemblies). It's very important that no marks appear on the legend drawing that should not appear on the final product. Section references, notes and dimensions are a good examples. These items may appear on the drawing, but not inside the perimeter of any legend plate. Please remove any hatching.

Dimensioning Drawings

Detailed dimensions are not required. It is good practice to provide overall dimensions so we can check the scale after importing. This is especially important if using the *.pdf format. All dimensions must be manually removed prior to manufacturing, so less is more.

Font and Text

Make sure the text and font size is correct. Hollow or single line (Simplex) fonts generally don't work well, so stick with filled fonts such as Arial TTF. We will make font substitutions if required.


Formal drawing borders are not required, and must be removed prior to manufacturing. If the border contains important information like desired color or part number it should be left in place.

PDF File Types

PDF file types are acceptable only if they are produced by the drawing package. PDFs produced by faxing or scanning hard copies will not import. In this case, the part must be manually redrawn. That increases the cost and lead time. It is unavoidable in some cases.

Economizing Material

Material usage has a big effect on price. Sometimes tiny differences in dimensions can make a big difference. Consider two parts, one is 5 15/16" x 5 15/16" and the other is 6" x 6". Using sheet stock that is 12"x24", we would yield (8) pieces of the 5 15/16" parts per sheet, but only (2) of the 6" x 6". This is because of the cut width, or kerf, of the laser beam. So for aesthetic parts like legend plates, generally under-sizing parts by 0.050" or so will maximize yield from a piece of sheet stock.

Mounting Holes

Often custom legend plates will have mounting holes in the corners or near edges. Be sure to size these slightly larger than the fastener you plan to use. Holes should be at least one hole diameter from the edge. So a 1/8" hole would ideally be at least 1/8" from the edges of the plate.


Only black and white drawings are understood by our system. Please don't color fill areas, rather tell us the color choice in your RFQ.

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