Purchasing Agents

Many of our customers use purchasing agents. Sometimes we get asked what is the easiest way to use a Purchasing Agent and order through our website:

  1. The specifier (Engineer, Maintenance, Electrician, etc) places the order through the website. At checkout, they select "Purchase Order" as the payment method. If they don't know the PO number yet, they may enter Pending. No credit card is required. This places a Pending order in our system - nothing will ship until the next step.
  2. On the last page of the checkout there is a Print Quote button. Print the quote and give it to your Purchasing Agent. Or, forward the order confirmation email to the Purchasing Agent. Either document will have the details they need to produce a PO.
  3. The Purchasing Agent confirms by sending a copy of the PO to sales@legend-plates.com.
  4. When approved, an automatic confirmation is sent. The order status is upgraded to Processing. Your order will ship the next business day, or when specified in your quote.
  5. There is a minimum order size of $25 for billing. Smaller orders must be placed using a credit card.
Also see this link Purchase Orders for information about Purchase Orders.